Your project is launched, and you have questions?

The RBMG agency has prepared a selection of practical fact sheets answering the questions that a business leader can ask himself while steering his project.

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Strategy of growth and development of the company

The growth strategy, your driver to create value

How to create value?

Creating value in a business is inherent in a well-designed strategy that is right for your business. Thus, it must take into consideration your resources internally but also your environment. This growth strategy will concern the modeling and management of your portfolio of activities by developing the most relevant and the most promising.


A strategy adapted to your resources and skills

The firm RBMG accompanies you to define your growth strategy adapted to your needs and your resources. To build an effective strategy, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • In which direction should your company focus? Is it relevant to target foreign markets or to diversify your activities?
  • Which mode of development to choose? Internal growth strategy, external or strategic alliance?
  • How are you going to redistribute and organize your current and future resources?

Business Strategy - Business Development

Business strategy is essential to your business development

At the source of any development project

The business strategy meets a set of business objectives that you set in a given time. To be consistent with your market and remain down to earth, it is desirable to study your environment and to know your internal skills available. This strategy will evolve over time and will allow you to develop your business in the long term.


Tips for setting your business strategy

The firm RBMG accompanies you to define your commercial strategy adapted to your needs and your resources. To build an effective strategy, here are some things to think about:

  • Conduct a strategic watch to monitor your environment,
  • Identify development opportunities,
  • Set specific objectives and staggered over time,
  • Determine your targets in your market: customers, specifiers, opinion leaders,
  • Set up a retro schedule to have visibility on your strategy ...

Innovation Management - Advice, Help and Grants

Innovation management or how to create a sustainable competitive advantage?

What is innovation management?

The management of innovation, an integral part of your management strategy, constitutes all of your actions or choices put in place to encourage the emergence of innovative projects. These are interesting to develop because subsidies and subsidies are provided by the French state, but also because they will allow you to position yourself in a niche market.

Benefit from available grants and subsidies!

The firm RBMG accompanies you to verify the eligibility of your project in relation to the conditions set by the French authorities in constant evolution. In addition, we support you throughout the launch phase of your project by defining together resources to allocate, subsidies and possible aid or the establishment of a retro-schedule to follow.


Recruit employees
The HR pole, a profession in itself and crucial for the life of a company.


How to make a good recruitment?

Therecruitmentis an important process in the life of a business. Indeed, yourfuture employeeswill be the first vectors of communication about the image and values ​​of your company. Thus, it is essential to study in depth eachhiring project. The business ofHuman ressourcesdoes not invent and requires time to limit the risk.


The 7 primordial stages of recruitment

The firm RBMG can accompany you throughout the stages ofrecruitment:

1- Define your need by writingjob descriptions,

2- Estimate and fix theremuneration,

3- Choose theemployment contractadapted to the job description,

4- Writejob offerand target relevant recruitment organizations,

5- Select the correct onecandidate,

6- Respect the obligations related tohiring(enrollment in social security ...),

7- Welcome yoursalariedand integrate it into the existing team.

Team Management - Increase the productivity of its employees

The management of your teams is essential for the well-being of your company


1- How to motivate your employees?

Theteam managementis necessary for any company with employees. It's going to be themotivateor to give them the desire to come to work every day. The most important thing is to encourage acceptance rather than being authoritarian. Thus, trust, respect and recognition towards itsemployeesare the watchwords of asuccessful management.


2- Four tips to put in place to motivate and federate your teams 

TheRBMG cabinetcan accompany you to find a style ofmanagementwhich corresponds to your company and especially to your values ​​and youcoachtomotivate your employeesand so increase yourproductivity.


We advise you to follow the following tips:

1- Set up your offices in a warm and welcoming way,

2- Enhance the mutual aid between collaborators: which will create synergies between your collaborators,

3- Set up team-building actions,

4- Bet on the good mood,

Management and Change Management

"TheManagement du changementis to evolve and find a new stable equilibrium "


Corporate Change Management - Concept and Philosophy:

From the simpleemployee training, psycho-sociological approaches,
approaches to lead thechange managementare many.

The implementation of atransformation project, whatever the nature
(strategic reorientations, creation of new structures,
reorganisations, new procedures, setting up anew system
of information
, fusion, move...) often comes up against opposition
of actors worried aboutchangesthey anticipate and their impacts
on their own situation.


How to successfully drive change in your company?

Due to the perpetual evolution of the environment, thechange managementhas become a recurring step in the life of companies. These changes can be considered weak or crucial. Thechangementis a process that consists of three steps:

  • Theend of operationknown and mastered,
  • Atransition phase,
  • Anew beginningworrying because unknown.

Therefore it is important to build an action plan to carry out thischangement.


Set up an action plan

Thechangementtime, so it is essential to set a start and end date for this project, clearly defined objectives, a personaction planstructured. TheRBMG cabinetcan accompany you throughout these phases of thechange management.


Management of the transformations of the company

Howaccompany transformationsand encourage their acceptance by the agents concerned?

Driving changeis to create the conditions to guarantee: 

  • thesocial feasibility of changeand its acceptability by representative organizations,
  • thehuman feasibilitythat is, the acceptability of change by individuals and groups.

The "human factor" is therefore decisive for the success of change.


The business forecast

The business forecast, a simulation and piloting tool

What is a business forecast?

A business forecast is a document that will allow you to set financial and commercial objectives for the years to come. Essential in the business creation phase, the business forecast is also recommended for all development projects. The ideal would even be to make a forecast of business each year for the coming year.

Many objectives often neglected but essentialThe realization of a business forecast allows you:

  • To simulate growth hypotheses,
  • To verify the profitability of an investment project,
  • To find the ideal financing method,
  • Set business and financial goals,
  • To present an investment project to potential financiers,
  • To serve as a basis for all your dashboards.

Investment simulation

Optimize your projects with an investment simulation


Investment Simulation - Choosing Your Possibilities Before Investing

Do you need to search for funds to acquire fixed assets or all types of investments? The investment simulation will enable you to compare the various financing methods available to you, to measure the impact of this investment on your operating account and thus to make the best possible decision.


Make the right decision knowingly!

Whether for a real estate project, the acquisition of a vehicle or any other project, the firm RBMG can accompany you through this simulation of investment by defining with you your needs and different hypotheses possible. We can also put you in touch with our partners in professional financing to obtain competitive offers.

Financial Analysis and Financial Diagnostics

Obtain a global visibility of your financial activity: measure the solvency, the performances of your structure

The priority offinancial analysisis to answer the questions of theentrepreneurin terms ofFinanceto allow him to take the beststrategic decisions. It is important to look at the following: solvency, performance, business, growth prospects and measuring financial risks.


A tool for strategic decision-making

Consultants specializing inmanagement and corporate financeofcabinet RBMGaccompany you infinancial analysisof your structure. From your annual accounts and interviews, we carry out afinancial diagnosiscomplete to identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a note of operational recommendations.


Objectives of a financial diagnosis:

  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses,
  • Examine your economic efficiency,
  • Determine the sustainability and financial strength of your business,
  • To understand future developments,
  • Compare yourself with competitors and your industry.

Potential for turnover - Launch of new products

How to determine your potential turnover?

Key factor: consistency with your project and your strategies.

You plan to launch a new product, a new service, a new subsidiary?

You will have to ask yourself what will be your revenue potential! The calculation of the projected turnover is the junction between your market research and the preparation of your provisional accounts.


Combine methods to limit the margin of error!

There are many methods for you to evaluate the potential. The ideal is to combine them: the "benchmarks" method, the "purchase intentions" method, the "objectives and market share" method, hence the need to validate a low forecast and a high forecast. . The firm RBMG accompanies you in this process to allow you to:

  • Master the different methods,
  • Validate the different possible scenarios,
  • Ensure the coherence of your project with your sales forecasts,
  • Determine a low estimate and a high estimate of your projected revenue,
  • Get an outside, objective and pragmatic look at your revenue potential.

Dashboards and Accounting Management

How to get quick visibility on your accounting?

Do you have your head on the handlebars? And you do not know your results last month, or since the beginning of the exercise? TheDashboardsare one ofManagement Tools "that will allow you to have a global vision of your activity at a given moment, without waiting for yourbalance sheet. A real decision-making tool, thedashboardwill help you anticipate difficulties and react quickly.


How does a dashboard work?

Thedashboardis a simple and effective tool that revolves around 5 successive stages, namely:

  • Thecreating your goals: N-1 Annual Account, Business Forecast ...
  • The selection of your indicators to measure:Turnover, payroll, Treasury...
  • The monthly entry of your information via internet,
  • The treatment of your information,
  • Restitution of yourmanagement reportmonthly.

Competitive analysis

Know your competitors better to position yourself in your market

Competitive analysis is an important step in creating your business and throughout your business. Indeed, this analysis will allow you to identify your direct and indirect competitors and monitor your environment. This is to observe what is happening in your market and to adapt your strategy if necessary.


Internet: a wealth of information on the strategies of your competitors!

The filing of annual accounts is mandatory for all companies, it is a mine of information for any good business manager: turnover, margin, profitability, average payment period granted to the customer, average storage time, rate debt, solvency ...
RBMG can assist you in setting up your competitive analysis strategy:

  • Identify your competitors,
  • Analyze the information available for free,
  • Set up competitive intelligence tools,
  • Understand the global strategies of your competitors,
  • Adapt your marketing mix to this information.

Management of the company's accounting
Accounting, much more than a formality, a tool for decision support.

Manage your relationship with your accountant!

The accounting of a company is a key skill to understand and master for a business owner. Indeed, some accounting concepts are strongly recommended when running a business. Of course, you can outsource this function to chartered accountants, but an understanding of accounting mechanisms is essential. This will allow you to negotiate tariffs, precisely fit the intervention of your accountant but also to interact with financial professionals and be able to identify the key figures of your business.


The competition is a necessity! The accountant: a supplier like any other.

The firm RBMG can put you in touch with partner accounting firms to find solutions adapted to your problems and your budget, to avoid unpleasant surprises or offer you training in accounting.


Professional contract - Assistance with the drafting of any type of private law contract

Assistance in writing all of your contracts


1. Formalize your business relations

Thecontratsare essential to ensure the continuity of your business relationship with yourproviders, yourcustomers, youremployees, yourRelated, ofinvestors, youremployees... All these relationships should be endorsed by alegal actto avoid allfinancial risks, civilians, criminal...


2. Professionals specializing in drafting contracts

To this end,RBMG cabinethas established partnerships with professionals specializing in the development anddrafting contracts, allowing you to secure all your business relationships and allow you to grow with confidence.

Taxes and taxation of the company - Contributions and tax exemption

How to optimize your taxes and social contributions?

You want to lower yourtax systembenefiting frombenefits of tax exemption lawsor inoptimizing your investments? You are wondering about yourTaxe filling? Or simply, you want to get information about thetaxation of your company?


Optimization solutions for your taxation

TheRBMG cabinethas established partnerships withtax experts, advisorswealth managementthat will answer all your problems and will allow youto optimize your taxation.

Business Law - Legal and Financial Advice

Answers to your questions in business law

  1. The omnipresence of business law in your daily life

TheBusiness Lawis ubiquitous in the life of a.and in the leader's reports with hiscustomers, providers, employees... The sustainability of your company is closely linked to the application of the rules of theBusiness Law.

2. The accompaniment of the firm RBMG

Whether it is to bring a new partner to the capital of your company or, conversely, to buy the shares of an existing partner, the firm RBMG has entered into a partnership with specialists in business law (lawyers, expert -comptable) who can deliver you the most appropriate advice.

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