What are the specificities of RBMG benefits?
RBMG is a consulting firm dedicated to SMEs and entrepreneurs. Our services allow our customers to benefit from a complete support, at all the phases of the development of their activity: creation, piloting ...
Who are the RBMG consultants?
All our consultants come from the entrepreneurial world. Former executives or entrepreneurs, they understand your problems that they live themselves daily. You are accompanied by specialists concerned by your needs!
A firm that recruits?
RBMG is always looking for motivated and competent profiles to share the same vision of dynamic consulting! Developed as a network of independent agencies, we are looking for consultants, entrepreneurs of their career! If the words "proximity", "synergy", "return on investment", "entrepreneurial challenge", "result culture" make sense for you, you may be a future RBMG consultant!

Our recruitment is done through a rigorous selection process, so that the collaboration between the consultant and the network can be beneficial and rewarding for all: consultants as clients!

The RBMG network?
RBMG is an original concept founded in 2007. Its network organization of franchises and independent agencies allows us to intervene on the whole territory and internationally. More than a network of consultants, RBMG is also at the center of a broader dynamic of all entrepreneurs: banks, lawyers and lawyers, accountants, communication agencies and webmarketing.


What are the benefits of RBMG?
RBMG intervenes with executives in two forms:

- The realization of specific studies related to the development of your activity: business plan, market studies, qualitative and quantitative studies, competitive benchmark, surveys ...

- The intervention of a consultant in your organization to carry out consulting missions and help you to cross the major stages of your development (training, assessment-advice ...)

Why call a consulting firm?
The entrepreneur is sometimes tempted to carry out each phase of his creative project himself. A desire understandable for all those who have one day launched into the challenge of the creation of business. However, all too often, the creator will find himself isolated or lack of resources (especially time).

RBMG consultants will take an outside look to help you move forward and make the best decisions. We will be your co-drivers, and you will remain master of your activity!

What is a Business Plan? Why do I need it?
A Business Plan (or business plan) is an essential document in the creation of your company. Gathering the major aspects of your activity (project, project leader, economic model, market, communication ...), it will allow you to:

- To formalize your project and evaluate its solidity (management, management, market)

- Present this document to your future partners (banking, legal ...).

A business plan is the study that will allow you to move quickly and safely in your creative project!

A market study ?
Market research allows you to know the world in which your company and you will evolve (competition, customers, catchment area ...). With the Business Plan, it is the second essential support for the success of a project.

The firm RBMG has developed a range of market studies according to the information that interests you and provides you with its methodology and tools to provide you with a clear vision of your environment.

Advice ?
Every day at the head of your business, to make decisions, to solve the daily problems (stock management, commercial development, HR ...), did you take the time to take stock of your activity? Most business owners are often overwhelmed by the day-to-day management of their structure.

RBMG invites you to take the height and have at your disposal a consultant who, with his exterior look, will draw with you a photograph 360 ° of your activity.

It will offer pragmatic and easy-to-implement recommendations for improving business development.

What are the practical modalities of the RBMG intervention?
Our key word: the return on investment of our customers. We are committed to offering you the service that best suits your situation. After a free audit of your company, we align with you the mission, in a permanent concern for transparency.


Throughout the mission, you will be in contact with a single interlocutor and will be able to interact with him, thanks to our modules of instant messaging.


NEW: Follow live the realization of your services, thanks to our shared dashboard!

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