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Study of the location location


Study of implementation opportunitiesallows to analyze and compare severalcatchment areasconsidered. We study the attractions, the threats, thepotential customers andcompetitive intensitypresent in the respective areas to help you in your decision-making.

An outside look will help you in your choices!


Benefits of a good choice of location

An analysis of your different possibilitiesimplantationcan become a real advantage against your competitors. Indeed, identifying, analyzing and understanding the forces involved and their influences on your geographical area allows you to make the best strategic decisions:

- estimate a potentialChiffre d'affaires,

- Evaluatecompetitive intensity,

- Select thebetter implementationpossible,

- Select your positioning,

- Adopt aMix Marketingadapted to your environment.


Advice on strategic factors for the establishment of companies

The factors to take into account when choosing the location of the company:

- manpower, quality and cost,
- Real estate, cost, image and availability,
- Accessibility and visibility,
- Economic study of the region and especially the quality of life,
- The adequacy with the culture of theentreprise,
- And many other criteria ...


Our knowledge and expertise in the area ofestablishment of companiesare essential factors for the success of your project.

Study catchment area, potential customers and competition

Know, understand and develop your catchment area

1- Know your potential customer and their competitors

The catchment area corresponds to the geographic area from which most of its potential or actual customers originate and the location of its direct and indirect competitors. We then study the opportunities, the threats, the customer potential, the competitive intensity of your catchment area to help you in your decision making.

2 - The importance and benefits of its catchment area

Determining your catchment area is critical as it allows you to make the best strategic decisions:

  • Estimate a potential turnover,
  • Evaluate the competitive intensity,
  • Determine business objectives,
  • Develop your positioning,
  • Adapt your Mix Marketing to your catchment area.

Quantitative Study and Qualitative Study

Advantages and objectives of qualitative and quantitative studies

In general,qualitative studiesfocus on answering "why" and "how" andquantitative studiesto "how much". These two types of methods are different approaches in their technique of collection, analysis, but complementary in their objectives.


Marketing solutions to understand and understand its market

What quantitative or qualitative studies to find answers to your questions about your company or your customers?

To better understand a business sector, to better understand the needs and expectations of consumers and customers or to assess your reputation or to measure the satisfaction of your customers, it is necessary to carry out aqualitative studyor asurvey quantitative.


The benefits of quantitative and qualitative studies 

Two different but complementary marketing research methods

Using a questionnaire, we conduct a face-to-face, telephone or internet survey to answer your problems using 2 complementary methods:

-Quantitative study: to check hypotheses, to realize thebrand awareness, evaluate a psychological price, measure behaviors,measure to the competition...

-Qualitative study: to define hypotheses, to understand the image conveyed byA brand, test aadvertising message, search fornew ideas for a product...

Potential for turnover - Launch of new products

How to determine your potential turnover?

Key factor: consistency with your project and your strategies.

You plan to launch a new product, a new service, a new subsidiary?

You will have to ask yourself what will be your revenue potential! The calculation of the projected turnover is the junction between your market research and the preparation of your provisional accounts.


Combine methods to limit the margin of error!

There are many methods for you to evaluate the potential. The ideal is to combine them: the "benchmarks" method, the "purchase intentions" method, the "objectives and market share" method, hence the need to validate a low forecast and a high forecast. . The firm RBMG accompanies you in this process to allow you to:

  • Master the different methods,
  • Validate the different possible scenarios,
  • Ensure the coherence of your project with your sales forecasts,
  • Determine a low estimate and a high estimate of your projected revenue,
  • Get an outside, objective and pragmatic look at your revenue potential.

Launch of new products, development and marketing

Move from the original idea to its commercialization on the market

You have detected an unsatisfied demand in an attractive market or you have developed a product that is entering its decline phase. Whatever your situation, launching a new product is not easy. It is essential to lay the strategic and operational bases.

Launch a new product: yes, but how?

The firm RBMG accompanies you throughout the stages of the launch of a new product or new service:

  • Evaluation and preparation of your organization,
  • Realization of a market study,
  • Concept development, prototype,
  • Calculation and analysis of costs,
  • Determination of the pricing strategy,
  • Product launch pilot test
  • Development of the communication plan,
  • Launch of the new product or service.


Request an audit of your project completely free
Why an audit?

The audit will allow us to get to know you better, understand your business and clearly define your issues and objectives.

The audit is therefore very useful in the following cases:

  • A definition of the issues and risks of the project,
  • To size solutions to your measurement,
  • Control deadlines and costs.

The Balance Sheet Council, a diagnosis to perfect your SME
Whatever the life of your company, the latter is always perfectible. In many cases of VSE and SME companies, leaders have the "head on the rung" and do not have time to think about the strategic future of the company. Or they do not have a global vision of their structure.

Solutions exist to help you, like the assessment report to perfect your company. The latter will allow you to meet the following objectives:

  • Give you a global vision of your company at a moment T,
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses,
  • Anticipate difficulties by putting in place corrective actions,

Our methodology:

  1. A visit of your company with an audit of your structure carried out by one of our consultants,
  2. A diagnosis made to detect your strengths and also your weaknesses,
  3. A note of operational and strategic recommendations to improve your business management and put in place any corrective actions

Consulting and training in "Commercial Management"

How to mobilize, motivate and animate your sales force to reach your commercial objectives?

To be accompanied to set up and control his commercial actions

The tasks of the sales manager range from team animation to the management of the activity to the integration of the manager-coach dimension. It's about mastering all the resources needed to effectively manage a sales team and its business.
The line of sight :

"Reaching and surpassing its business goals! "


The advantages of accompanying you in commercial management


The experienced RBMG consultants will assist you in your business management around the following issues:
  • Evaluate, optimize and develop your level of leadership, your leadership impact and your behavior,
  • Mobilize, motivate and animate its sales force and create the optimal conditions for the success of each of its salespeople,
  • Translate the strategic objectives of the company into high-performing commercial actions, to develop the company's development strategy into individual objectives,
  • Train your employees and yourself to increase business efficiency,
  • Integrate a management method adapted to the new expectations of companies and employees,
  • Define and prioritize actions needed to improve the organization and increase the efficiency of the sales team.

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