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The stages of business creation

Project construction

Delineate the outlines of your project

Pragmatic answers to all your questions about the creation of your company:

  • How to find a «creative idea"?
  • Should I becomefranchiseor independent?
  • Mycreative projectis it viable?
  • Is there a demand for the concept I propose?
  • Do I have the skills to createmy company?
  • What are thestepsto accomplish to createmy society?

Aproject's holderinevitably arise these questions and a multitude of others. Answers to these questions are essential in order to clearly define thebusiness projectand identify the skills needed to accomplish it.


Avoid the pitfalls of starting a business

The main reason for failure of acreative projectortake back the enterpriseis a bad preparation of the project. With his experiences, the agencyRBMGunderstands the issues and challenges ofbusiness creators. The priority of the RBMG consultants is to ask the right questions, to bring the most relevant answers, to reframe them if necessary, in order to avoid all the pitfalls of thebusiness creation.

At the end of these sessions, the creator has all the necessary elements to move forward serenely in his project.

Market research

Reasons and objectives of a market study

The market study can answer a number of questions that any project leader is asked to ask:

  • Ismy productcorresponds to therequest?
  • Where to settle?
  • Who are mycompetitors ? Where are they ?
  • What is thestrategyadopted by my competitors?
  • What will bemy positioning?
  • Whatprice is the most suitable for my product?
  • How willI communicate?
  • By what means willI distributemy products?
  • What is thepotential turnoverof my project?

The market study is a consequent deliverable which requires a large number of theoretical investigations and land.

The content of the market study:

The market study breaks down into 5 preliminary steps:

  • Definition of yourissuesand interrogations,
  • Plan designstudyadapted to your project,
  • Collection of informationlocal and national
  • Analysis of results according to your need and detectionmarket prospects,
  • Conclusion and recommendations.

Business Plan

The contents of a Business Plan

Abusiness planmust be complete and summarize your project but above all it must justify your strategic and operational choices as well asyour outlook on 3 at 5 years. He must answer the following questions:

  • What are the skills and experiences ofthe management team? coherence with theproject?
  • What is the location? What will be yourcatchment area?
  • What are thematerial resourcesand human for this project?
  • What is theregulationfrom myactivity area?
  • Which aremy competitors? direct? indirect?
  • Who will be my clients? their typology? my target?
  • Whatcompetitive positioningwill I adopt? whatstrategieswill I put in place?
  • Whatservice orproductwill I sell? At what price ?
  • Howdistribute my productsor services?
  • What will my communication be?web site?Slogan?Logo?
  • What are thecommercial tools? website ? platelets? business cards ?
  • How will the company earn money?
  • What is the potential ofChiffre d'affairesfeasible?
  • My projectis it profitable on the next 3 years?
  • What is my threshold ofprofitability?

You can see that there are many questions. The relevance of the answers demonstrates the quality ofyour project.

The starting a businessis often the project of a lifetime. Abusiness planwritten with precision, rigor and seriousness will endconvince youand will be your best "selling argument»To your future partners.

The +RBMG:

    • A methodology and a planRBMGapproved: + from 300business planmade,
    • 90% of ourBusiness PlanRBMG certified obtainfunding
    • Accompaniment to the implementation of yourproject,
    • Help for reflection:strategy, legal editing,funding,
    • Fast turnaround times: from 48 hours,
    • The realization of aExecutive Summary,
    • A note of pragmatic and operational recommendations.

Find sources of financing

Identify your needs: loans, capital, subsidies

The search for financingis the crucial step of thebusiness creationand is much more complicated than it seems. It's a real "funding search strategy »that must be put in place in order to increase its chances offinancing from banks, Business Angels,venture capital companies, ofpublic investors...

Find tailored financing solutions

TheRBMG cabinethelps you identifyfinancial ressourcesthe most adapted to your needs andyour project. Whether to solicit aloan of honor, ofaidsAbank financingor to resort tocapital investors.We accompany you in:

- The development of yourfinancing search strategy,

- The search of'aid and public subsidies,

- The construction of yourbusiness forecast,

- Writing yourpresentation document:Business Plan, Executive Summary...

- Putting in touch with our brokersfunding partners...

Legal status

The choice of legal status - a key step in your creative project

Thestatuteswill set thelegal frameworkof your company. They will also be decisive in the relations you will have with your associates. The stability and sustainability of your business over time is therefore based onstatutes.

RBMG assists you in drafting your legal acts and in your formalities

To this end,RBMG cabinethas established partnerships with specialized players in this field, such aslawyers, accountants, who will be able to accompany you and offer you thestatutesthe most adapted to your ambitions. They will also identify thelegal formthe most appropriate and the differenttax optionsand social for your project.

Following the signing ofstatutes, offormalitiesmust be accomplished in order to definitively create your company. Thus, our partners accompany you in the realization of all theseformalities.

Some forms and legal status of a company

Legal status of a sole proprietorship (EI):

Freelance :total and indefinite responsibility over itspersonal property. Practice of any kindof commercial activities, liberal, artisanal... No precise notion ofcapitaldeparture.

Legal status of a limited liability company (SARL)

Between 2 and 100Related, limited liability tocontributions, the presence of amanageris mandatory (associated or a third party), limited activities,capitalfreely fixed.

Legal status of a public limited company (SA)

Minimum 7 natural or legal persons, limited liability tocontributions, board of directors(at least 3 members) of which a president (physical person) is obligatory, 37 000 € ofcapitalminimum.

Legal status of a simplified joint stock company (SAS)

2 Minimumshareholders, limited liability tocontributions, a president is obligatory (moral or physical person, shareholder or not), the capital is freely fixed.

Legal status of a simplified joint stock company (SASU)

associateunique,liability limited to contributions, a president is obligatory (moral or physical person, associated or not), limited activities, 37 000 € fromcapitalminimum.

Investment simulation


Investment Simulation - Choosing Your Possibilities Before Investing

Do you need to search for funds to acquire fixed assets or all types of investments? The investment simulation will enable you to compare the various financing methods available to you, to measure the impact of this investment on your operating account and thus to make the best possible decision.


Make the right decision knowingly!

Whether for a real estate project, the acquisition of a vehicle or any other project, the firm RBMG can accompany you through this simulation of investment by defining with you your needs and different hypotheses possible. We can also put you in touch with our partners in professional financing to obtain competitive offers.

Take back the enterprise

Diagnosis, evaluation and profitability of the company

1. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company

In a project oftake back the enterpriseit is essential that thebuyeridentify the "strengths" and "weaknesses" ofthe target company. Depending on the size of this one, he must make severaldiagnoses:financial, human, ways tonow, of hisactivity.legalor again quality.


2. Estimate the value of the target company

evaluationof thevalue of a businessresult of a combination of recognized methods: comparative, heritage,profitabilityor mixed.

Beyond the aspectsfinancial, heritage and profitability, thevalue of the companyis more or less influenced by its intrinsic qualities determined during thediagnostic. These characteristics then influence the value by improving or penalizing it. This estimate then becomes the basis ofnegotiations with the transferor.

The experience of the consultants of theRBMG cabinetas well as the powerful tools they have, will help you to identify the key points that are imperative toanalyze fordetermine a range of value in order tonegotiate with the transferor.

Identify, search and find a company

A clearly defined project: the key to the success of your recovery project

The success of yourtake back the enterprisedepends on the coherence of your project. A clearly defined project will make it possible to make relevant selections oftarget company. Therecovery marketis an underground market, confidential, unstructured, not very intermediated and unbalanced.

Therefore, the futurebuyermust be aware that many months of reflection are needed to reach the end. This duration can be optimized by setting up aprospecting method.

Business recovery - a structured prospecting method!

The agencyRBMGaccompany you in the definition of your project by putting at your disposal a consultant who will help you to formalize your project, to determine aprospecting strategyto accompany you in the next step: thediagnostic management andvalorizationofyour target company.

Business Plan for Business Recovery

Write a Business Plan for Business Recovery


The detailed presentation of your projecttake back the enterprise

  • You wishtake over a businessbut you do not know where to start?
  • Have you defined your project precisely by listing your motivations, your assets or yourmeans of financing?
  • Have you developed yourrecovery plan? Hisactivity area, herlocation, its potentialChiffre d'affairesor the size of the company ...

The questions are numerous but essential to put all the chances of success on your side.



TheRBMG cabinetadvises you and accompanies you to provide answers to all the questions that it is essential to ask yourself in a project oftake back the enterprisebut also the elaboration and thewriting your Business Plan orRecovery Plan.

This summary document is necessary for:

  • Define your project clearly,
  • To convince you of the success of the project,
  • Search and find financing,
  • Make the right strategic decisions.

Negotiating the takeover of a company

1. Master the "strings" of negotiation

In order to better control thenegotiation of the recovery, it is imperative to hold as much information as possible abouttransferor(motivations, constraints, history of the company ...) and to bring the evaluation carried out previously. The success ofnegotiationis linked to excellent preparation of yourinterviewstrategic.

2. The birth of a memorandum of understanding

Lead anegotiationnot being easy, it is better to surround yourself with experts who "master the strings". When thetransferor and buyerreach an agreement, the latter must be formalized.

All the teams of theRBMG cabinet, as well aspartners (theatre tickets, services and more!), accompany you in your interviews ofnegotiation, in thedrafting of legal actsbut also in the realization of allstepsto formalize thetake back the enterprise.

Tips for successful negotiations with the transferor

Theresumption negotiationsof a business are a complex process, as a rule, between the beginning oftalksand the definitive signature of thecontract of the recovery.It takes approximately one year.


How does it work with RBMG?

  1. Be prepared in advance: set the objectives - learn about the techniques ofnegotiation,
  2. Agree on theprice of the project recovery,
  3. Be surrounded by professionals in matters ofmarket research, business plans, chartered accountantsandlawyers,
  4. Have as much information about the history and thestate of health of the companyas well as on thetransferorhimself. Information on the reputation of the latter with itscompetitors, suppliers andcustomersare indispensable,
  5. Confidentiality (confidentiality letter),
  6. Balance sheet guarantees: the guarantee of assets and liabilities,
  7. Non-compete clause,
  8. Define the terms of thereprise,
  9. Define the payment terms,

Find financing for a business takeover

1- Define a coherent financing strategy

As in a project ofbusiness creation, Thefinance researchis crucial to the success of your project. The establishment of afinancing strategyis crucial to getting thefondsnecessary, frombanks, ofinvestorspublic authorities or companies specializing inFundraiser.

2- Find tailored finance solutions

Either it's aboutpremiumsorsubsidiesat the resumption ofloans of honor orbank loans, the firm RBMG accompanies you in the constitution of a complete file to convince thepotential funders:

  • Definition of the strategy to put in place,
  • Identification offinancing needs,
  • Writing yourrecovery plan,
  • Search forfinancing solutionsappropriate,
  • Advice in the presentation and thenegotiation.


Advantages and disadvantages for the franchisee
Like any partnership system, thefranchisehas its advantages and constraints

The advantages of franchising for the franchisee:

A concept that already exists:

Thefranchiseenjoys thenotorietyexisting of theMark.

The franchisor's assistance:

Thefranchisormust provide acommercial assistancetofranchise, technical advice, legal advice...

The franchisee's independence:

Thefranchiseis committed to the standards offranchisorbut he remains independent. So he is free and master of themanagement of his company.

The constraints of the franchise (for the franchisee)

The entrance fee and the fee:

Generally, the entrance of thefranchisein thenetwork of a franchiserequest the payment of an entrance fee to thefranchisor.

Compliance with the franchisor's standards:

According to the contract offranchise, Thefranchiseundertakes to respect all the standards required by thefranchisorand which guarantee the reputation and reputation of theMark.

Advantages and disadvantages for the franchisor

Franchise - Benefits for the franchisor

  • Developmentfast ofnetwork
  • Decrease investmentfranchisor,
  • Financial asset - royaltiesfranchisees,
  • Profitability - Onefranchisewho invests in a franchise is motivated to make his project profitable,
  • Increase awareness and trust with customers,
  • Decrease in feesmanagementand exploitation.

Franchise - Disadvantages for the franchisor

  • A heavy investment is required during the transition from normal activity to the activity of thefranchise,
  • The bad behavior of somefranchisees,
  • The lack of permanent control overpoints of sale,
  • Defaults or late payment byfranchisees,
  • Somefranchiseesdo not respect the rules of thefranchiseby revealing some trade secrets.

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